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Welcome to the Go See Do Explore Podcast, your portal to the world’s most captivating travel. From quaint cafés nestled in Europe’s heart to the serene underwater world of coral reefs, every episode with hosts Ashleigh and Christopher is a journey into the unique and unforgettable. Our adventures take you beyond the typical, exploring local cultures, savoring regional culinary delights, and uncovering hidden gems that make each destination special. Join us on this journey. Let’s Go See, Do, and Explore together.

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7 hours ago

Traveling and Working Remotely
In this episode of Go See Do Explore, hosts Christopher and Ashleigh share their tips for traveling while working remotely. They discuss how to take advantage of time differences, arrange your work schedule around travel, and choose accommodations and transportation that enable productivity on the road.
Key Tips for Remote Work While Traveling
Go west to start work early and have afternoons free or go east to have mornings free
Arrange your work schedule around travel plans to minimize disruption
Book travel and accommodations with reliable WiFi
Prioritize bandwidth when choosing lodging
Use a VPN and mobile hotspots as a backup internet source
Choose small, lightweight laptops with long battery life
Bring portable monitors or use tablets as a second screen
Take walking breaks to avoid sitting all day
Use noise-cancelling headphones and find quiet workspaces
Working Remotely on a Cruise
Christopher shares his experience working remotely while on a transatlantic cruise. He recommends choosing cruise ships with Starlink internet if possible, as it is higher quality than traditional satellite internet. Be prepared for periods with no internet access while at sea. Using VoIP apps for meetings can help manage lower bandwidth for video calls. He also suggests bringing a travel router to securely share bandwidth and access content. While cruise ship internet is notoriously bad, remote work is definitely possible with the right planning and expectations.
Wine Break: Casal Garcia Vinho Verde
Christopher and Ashleigh highlight vinho verde from Portugal during their wine break. Vinho verde means "green wine" and is a young, slightly effervescent white wine made in northern Portugal. It is inexpensive, refreshing, and lower in alcohol. The hosts fell in love with this quintessential Portuguese wine during their recent trip and recommend seeking it out.
Destination Spotlight: Sintra, Portugal
In the destination spotlight, Christopher and Ashleigh discuss the highlights of Sintra, Portugal. Located just an hour train ride from Lisbon, it makes for an easy and popular day trip. The main attraction is the colorful Pena Palace and its surrounding gardens. Other sites include the Moorish Castle ruins and Quinta da Regaleira estate. The hosts recommend staying overnight if possible, as there is more to explore than can be seen in a day.

Cruising 101

Friday Apr 05, 2024

Friday Apr 05, 2024

Ep5: Cruising 101
Listen in as Christopher and Ashleigh share their cruise experiences and tips for finding cruise deals and excursions.
Why We Cruise
Cruising allows you to experience many destinations in one trip. The value is excellent - accommodations, food, entertainment, and transportation between destinations are all included. It's a very relaxing way to travel since you only have to unpack once.
We've taken 7 cruises and have only repeated 1 port. It gives you a taste of a place and helps plan future trips. - Ashleigh
Choosing a Cruise Line
Consider what experience you're looking for - party atmosphere, family friendly, food/wine focus, luxury, etc. Mass market lines like Carnival and Royal Caribbean are on the budget end while Princess, Celebrity, and Holland America are more upscale. Small ship and expedition cruises offer specialized, expensive itineraries.
Itinerary Options
Caribbean itineraries are cheap in winter. Alaska cruises are amazing but expensive. Mediterranean cruises visit world class European cities in summer. Can also cruise Canada/New England, Hawaii, Australia, etc. River cruises popular in Europe and Egypt.
Finding Deals
Use a cruise search engine to find the cheapest options, then review cruise details. Bookmark and watch for price drops. Consider booking early when cruises are first announced or wait for last minute deals.
Booking Excursions
Avoid the expensive cruise line excursions. Research third party options for a better, more personalized experience. Most guarantee getting you back to the ship on time.
We had an amazing semi-private Azores tour with a traditional meal. Much better than a crowded bus tour in Madeira booked through the cruise line. - Ashleigh
Ethical Considerations
Be aware of environmental impacts, overtourism, fair wages for workers, and avoiding an overly "tourist bubble" experience. Make responsible choices.
Understand what's happening and see what you can do to have a net positive impact. Treat the local people and place with respect. - Christopher
Wine Break: Good Harbor Vineyards
The hosts share a bottle Harbor Red from Good Harbor Vineyards in Leelanau Peninsula, MI. They reminisce about a trip there during the early days of the pandemic when travel opened back up.
Finding Cheap Flights
Search one way fares. Consider open-jaw itineraries starting in one city and returning from another. Be open to long layovers - even 16 hours in Paris! - to break up long flights. Flying budget airlines and mixing carriers can lead to great deals.

Saturday Mar 30, 2024

Michigan Bucket List #2- Western Lower Peninsula
In this episode, we continue our conversation on the Michigan bucket list, covering the Western Lower Peninsula of Michigan. For information about the locations mentioned in this episode, visit the Michigan Bucket List page on GoSeeDoExplore.com
Travel Tech Tip: FlightAware
FlightAware allows you to track flights and get notifications about delays or changes before others may know.
Wine Break
Mawby Sandpiper is a sparkling wine from Leelanau Peninsula. Check it out at Mawby.wine.

Friday Mar 22, 2024

Disney World Long Weekend Trip
Christopher and Ashleigh recap their long weekend trip to Walt Disney World for a holiday weekend. They discuss the parks and attractions they visited, rides like Tron and Guardians of the Galaxy, dealing with crowds, and the amazing food they ate.
Flight and Staying at Pop Century
Took a Frontier flight to Orlando and stayed at Pop Century resort
Pop Century has Skyliner transportation to Epcot and Hollywood Studios
Skyliner was convenient and never had long lines
Magic Kingdom Day 1
Tried to get virtual queue for Tron but it filled up in seconds
Crowds and wait times were higher than expected
Secured Tron virtual queue in the afternoon
Used park hopper to go to Epcot and ride some favorites
Watched fireworks from Fantasyland - good view without crowds
Epcot Day 2
Early entry for Remy's Ratatouille Adventure
Got virtual queue for Guardians of the Galaxy
Rode favorites like Soarin, Spaceship Earth, Mexico boat ride
Rain closed Test Track several times
Dinner at San Angel Inn in Mexico pavilion
Animal Kingdom & Magic Kingdom Day 3
Rope dropped Flight of Passage - motion sickness for Ashleigh
Short wait for Kilimanjaro Safaris
Rode Expedition Everest
Park hopped to ride Big Thunder Mountain in the rain
Dinner at Sanaa in Animal Kingdom Lodge
Hollywood Studios Day 4
Rope dropped Rise of the Resistance
Long waits throughout the day
Lunch at 50's Prime Time Cafe
Used lightning lane for Guardians in Epcot
Disney Food
Ate at Skipper Canteen, San Angel Inn, Sanaa, 50's Prime Time Cafe
Food was creative and delicious (except 50's was just ok)
Quick service places like Satu'li Canteen also very good
Travel Tip
Facebook Groups for destinations. Look up where you're going and you can get a lot of tips in these groups.
Wine Break
The Valley Project Grenache from Santa Barbara, California

Sunday Mar 17, 2024

Michigan Bucket List #1: Upper Peninsula
Kitch-iti-kipi (The Big Spring), Number 4 on the List
Travelers are invited to go see, do, and explore the hidden gems, unforgettable experiences, and stories that make destinations unique. This episode focuses on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. More information about the locations mentioned in this episode can be found on the Ultimate Michigan Bucket List at GoSeeDoExplore.com.
Featured Wine: Crisp from 2 Lads
2 Lads Winery is located on Old Mission Peninsula near Traverse City, Michigan. Crisp is a lovely sparkling wine made with a blend of grapes. Find out more about 2 Lads at 2LWinery.com.
Travel Tip: Choosing the Right Transportation
Consider options like renting a car, public transit, tours, taxis, ride-shares, walking, and biking based on your destination and goals. Understand the costs, ethics, and convenience of each option.

Monday Mar 11, 2024

The Case for Ultra Low Cost Airlines
We make the argument for why you shouldn't dismiss budget airlines like Spirit and Frontier - they can offer major cost savings that make more trips possible.
Cost Savings Make More Travel Possible
Ultra low cost fares allow us to take trips we otherwise couldn't afford. Saving hundreds on airfare lets us do more activities at destinations.
"If your choices are flying on an ultra low cost airline or not taking the trip at all, I'm going to take that low cost ticket. For me, the ability to travel more often is worth it."
Convenient Routes Out of Home Airport
Spirit is the #2 airline out of Detroit Metro, with great route options. We won't pass up a good route just because it's on an ultra low cost carrier.
Be Aware of Extra Fees
Budget airlines make money through add-on fees (seats, bags, snacks, etc.). Do the math to calculate total cost vs. legacy airline tickets. You can get better experience through small upgrades like extra legroom seats, exit row, or Spirit's big front seats.
Know Your Passenger Protections
Ultra low cost carriers can have fewer protections for delays/cancellations. Check policies and consider travel insurance for missed work coverage.
USDOT Fly Rights
USDOT Airline Cancellation Display Dashboard
Why We Sometimes Don't Choose Budget Airlines
Legacy carriers sometimes have cheaper fares. Objective may not just be lowest fare (prioritizing experience, etc.). Less protection can be a risk depending on your situation.
Featured Destination: New Orleans
More than just Bourbon Street - also has Garden District, WWII Museum, and other great destinations. We want to return for Commander's Palace and more live jazz.
Travel Tip: Use Meta Search Engines for Flights
Kayak, Skyscanner, and Google Flights simplify searching across airlines. Always book directly through airline site, not third parties. Use VPN and try different countries to get the best fares.
Wine Break: Quinta do Jalloto Portuguese Red
We picked up this Douro wine when we visited last summer. It is made with same grapes as port wine. It has nice flavor from aging since 2012. This winery is surrounded by a certain famous port producer.
One day in the Duoro Valley (blog post)

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